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the night for one more...

year of the century

the connection were back in W4 once more for a chilly Thursday night hanging out with the regulars of the packhorse , the boys played their internet affirmation song "year of the century" live for the first time during their mini set:


Duncan kicked things off performing a great version of the Bill Withers classic "use me" while ILLY, Christal knocked a out a few greater tracks such as "summer time" and an imagine dragons number





Brian and Mike were joined on stage by Duncan playing the cajon on "900" / "year of the century" + "Four Lights" and closing their stint with as barn storming version of their song"Outlaw"...

... after the night bedded in - Wayne (aka Mr Chiswick) stepped out alongside the other Duncan (see below) with a little bit of nostalgic SanFrancisco from the 1970's ..


Wayne + Duncan

Back to the home fires on Tuesday next week - the connection will be dropping in at the brilliant Grosvenor W7Edge gathering, hope to see you there ...

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