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the early spring started with the connection union stepping out to play at Dyre Promotions inaugural concert, the connection were honoured to be joined on night by Sophie Jackson on vocals and Mikael Stellard providing tenor vocals and percussion.

A full set gave the grand Union Connection the chance to play all of their favourites from “900” to “fire in the Sun” and "Human" - hopefully footage of the night will be available soon on the Grand Union Connection web site soon....

Mar: 7th

++ back to the scene with a set of new tracks, the union boys played the classic "John the Revelator" a dreamy rendition of "there you go" and the classic "fire in the sun" -

Mar"14th //

Riding with the pack in W4 the boys were on fire, a short appearance with "year of the century" to "Trafalgar" - the "packers" were amazing on the night, a few great tunes from Mister Chiswick and // Jo was on hand too - the "fire in the Sun" brought things to a close \\\ special mention to D-Hogg for a great sound


the connection were playing a late night short stint at the edge -- the boys were honoured to be joined by the very talented Michael Ludden (see photo below) on fiddle for an rendition of "Trafalgar;

// earlier in the night the crowd were treated to a great performance by double bassist Rob Shaw.. the Grand Union Connection finished 3March playing at one of their favourite haunts in Hanwell they were looking forward to playing at Mindfest 19 to give support to Sam Budd and the rest of the Chesham crew raising money for a great cause... next the Union were [headed into the rehearsal rooms for a pondering straightener// then off to the country>>

}} see yah soon


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