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...the return of the cold didn't stop the boys getting together with their new co-conspirator down at the Red Lion in Isleworth.

After the hunt for a drum kit was over, the speakers were set and the last of the ghouls and witches had left the streets the songs started to roll out of the backroom of the Lion with "Rocky Racoon" by the host Paul E leading the way followed closely by a classic Chas and Dave track "Aint No Pleasing You."

The Connection boys stepped on the stage with an added dimension to their tracks with the swing of the RH Bailey (aka Chris) on drums keeping the boys honest and moving with the rhythm of a 200 tonne loco.. who despite playing with a broken collar bone guested on few latter tracks including the 9-piece blues country finale rendition of "Thats Alright Mama" at the end of the shift.

We look forward to returning to this great venue shortly, in the meantime we are heading to the Grosvenor for their 10th Anniversay bash, it looks like its gonna be a great night and we hope you can join us?.....

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