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the second of 19...

The GRAND UNION CONNECTION were kept out of the house a lot more in February++ with a session in the rehearsal studio replete with the awesome michael and sophie on backing to get ready tracks for the shows on Mar2nd and Apr6th as well as hanging out around West London on the open mic circuit.

5th Feb: Back on the Shhh...the guys jumped the gate for a performance streamed lived on the Clive and Maria show: the Grand Union Connection were honoured to be playing the feature slot which became extra special and a real pleasure especially when Eugene jumped in on "Outlaw" - check out the images from the night below: (click to enlarge)

...7th feb: ++ standing by water. - leaping over the bridge to a night by the water in Hanwell along with an on-form crowd MC'd by Paul Brill and choreographed by Glen Ward at the Viaduct a short set saw the Grand Union Connection lay down "fire in the sun" + "year of the century" along with the honourable "Trafalgar" // - see slide show below (click images for more detail)

20th feb / down the lion : - what a great night with Jimmy hosting - thank you++ the energy was spot on that night// 1en days before the Dyre promotions inaugural night, the Union rolled out tracks from their upcoming double bill set on Mar2nd.

thanks to all of the faces in the lions den who are always welcoming and make all players feel at home from the first count in 1..2..3..4..// the connection left in higher than normal spirts ++ looking ahead to the grosvenor get together and the gig on the otherside of that/

26th Feb // the Last stop in Feb19 - back to home fires: - the solo curated night brought tracks from fiddles to pianos /and / banjos to merlins, the night at the W7Edge called back the echoes of old times where songs are sung from folk in a bar for folk was the order of the day: -

(click on the slides below from more detail-- }

MRCH -see's the GRAND UNION CONNECTION play the inaugural Dyre Promotions night, head west to Chiswick and get ready for the MindFest gig on 6th April** hope to see you all soon

Brian, Mike + Chris

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