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open the gates

as the traffic queued over the Brent - the Viaducteers took their place back at the helm on the half acre in the newly refurbished and relaunched bar in the loft of the Viaduct.

The Grand Union Connection played a couple of tracks which hadn't been aired live previously with both "Fire In The Sun" played on the Merlin and the traditional "John the Revelator" the Connection found the tempo of the night...

lighting the fire

"Year of the Century" got the Grand Union Connection into the swing of things with our master of drums Mister Sticks Bailey doing the honours from the floor:

four on the floor

...|| Brian and Mike took care of business up on the stage whilst being watched over by the legendary Dawson and great Wisdom

rev-counts to 10

checking in...

On their anniversary the Viaducteers performed some absolutely barn storming songs from the Unthanks track celebrating the black and white bird, seasonal songs about drunken nights in New York with a Yankee violin thrown in to ++

...the haunting fire side country songs;

to songs from the heart by Paul B and lonesome road songs that remind us of the whiskey trail from Mandolin Jack

straight from the heart..

the GRAND UNION CONNECTION will be playing a limited couple more times this year before camping out in their homestead for the season:-

Over the next couple of weeks you will find the boys jumping into the lions den one last time this year on Wednesday night between 9 and 10pm in Isleworth then finishing the year in W4 or down the county line..

Hope to see you soon

Brian + Mike

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